Colin the Caterpillar Wedding Cake

Colin the Caterpillar Wedding Cake

David Beckham & Colin the Caterpillar

When Colin first laid eyes on Connie it was love at first sight. So much so, that he put a ring on it, and now the celebrity wedding of the year is all set to take place between a pair of lovelorn caterpillars made from cake.


Yes, Marks & Spencer have given a makeover to everyone’s favourite sponge based caterpillar cake. Connie has been turned into a shameless seductress in her shiny pink trainers, edible lace veil and wedding bouquet, only to lure in the unwitting Colin, who has risen to the occasion by doffing a chocolate top hat and bow tie, all ready for his nuptuals.


Colin the Caterpillar Wedding Cake

Colin and Connie


The pair both have edible gold wedding rings beside them on tiny little cushions, and their cake boards are sprinkled with sugar confetti. There’s only one thing missing… the vicar!


With that in mind I would like to propose (see what I did there?) that M&S maybe contemplate Clarence the Clergyman Caterpillar, before our pair of love bugs get cold feet. And bearing in mind how many feet they have between them, that could be a disaster!


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