How To Work Out Cake Portions

How To Work Out Cake Portions

Slice of Cake

First of all, let me dispel one of the biggest cake myths in that there is not a ‘standard’ wedding cake OR birthday cake size.

Cake literally comes in ALL shapes and sizes, as well as flavours, and when you order a cake from a professional cake maker, they will be able to work out what size of cake and/or the number of tiers that you will need based on the number of people that you would like to feed with it.

Simple right?

Well yes it is. All you need is a calculator, and this image:



What I would just say though, is that this isn’t a precise science, but more of a guideline.

Wedding cake slices are based on a 1” x 2” slice, but do bear in mind that whoever cuts your cake, is unlikely to do so with a ruler and a Samurai sword, so you may not get the exact number of slices that you thought you would. It might be slightly less or slightly more.

The above guide is based on sponge cakes by the way. If you were to have the same sizes as a fruit cake, you would get many more slices from it. I know it doesn’t make sense as the cake is exactly the same size isn’t it? The reason behind this is that fruit cake is much denser and can therefore technically be cut into more precise pieces.


Clever this cake business eh?


Now, let’s get into this a little further. If you are getting married and expecting 100 guests. I would suggest opting for a three tiered round cake made up of a 6”, an 8” and a 10”. You will by now have zapped those portion numbers into a calculator and seen that it only adds up to 80. I’m already ahead of you there, and the reason why I’m underestimating is that not everyone at the wedding is going to eat the cake….especially once the champagne starts flowing!

So how does the cake get cut up? Especially round cakes?

Well, this guide gives you an idea of how round cakes ‘should’ be cut to get the maximum number of portions:



You can see on the image that there are two different options, one for wedding cakes(1” x 2”), and one for party cakes (2” x 2”). Personally, I generally stick to the wedding cake option for both weddings and parties as guests generally only want a little taster at big events anyway, but I will always ask my customers if they would like the cake portions to be on the generous side.

So there you have it….It’s a piece of cake.


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