Exciting New Cake Decorating Product

Exciting New Cake Decorating Product

So have you heard about the Cake Smoothie yet??


Its a seriously fabulous new sugar craft tool that was invented by none other than….wait for it……ME!!!! Yes, I am now adding the job title ‘inventor’ to my profile!!! Obviously I couldn’t have produced it without help from the fabulous Squires Kitchen, and between us we have come up with this exciting new product which will revolutionise your cake making life!


If you are like me and make a lot of carved, sculpted cakes..how do you currently smooth your sugarpaste? I bet you either a) use your hands, and then leave fingerprints and nail marks in your sugarpaste AND have to keep running your hands under cold water to cool them down; or b) wrap a bit of sugarpaste in clingfilm, which then keeps bursting. Yep, me too.


For years I used those two methods and I always used to think “why on earth doesnt someone invent a smoother for this!?’. Then one day as I was grappling with hot hand syndrome yet again, bemoaning the fact that there was no smoother for shaped cakes, I thought “hey…why don’t I actually invent one!?’


So I did.

The Cake Smoothie


If you want some more information or the chance to enter a monthly competition with one of your own carved cakes then come and have a look at the website at www.cakesmoothie.com


I’d really love to see your creations!


S x