A Change is as Good as a Rest

A Change is as Good as a Rest

So this new year is ringing in the changes for Sherry Hostler Cake Artistry.


When we set up my studio just over a year ago it was always under the premise that we would give it a year and see how we got on with such a big change.


I have to say that it was wonderful having so much space and being able to close the door at the end of the day before returning home to a house that wasn’t covered in icing sugar!


The studio itself was wonderful. It was purpose built for food grade businesses with perfect lighting and access, and you know what? I could not have wished for better landlords.


Unfortunately though, it did mean that I had to make a whole lot more cake to cover my costs, and even though I managed it, it was a hard slog working practically seven days a week.


Also the end of 2017 saw us moving house to the fabulous village of Quainton (nr. Aylesbury). It’s a tiny little hamlet with a pub, a shop and windmill…..and now a cake maker!!


Yes, I have moved the cakes back home again.


It is with a heavy heart that I will be leaving my studio at PE Mead Farm Shop, and my fabulous neighbours there, but it does mean I will have more time to devote to my cake design, and even though my husband is already moaning about the amount of equipment that we’ve had to bring with us, it does mean he will get to eat more cake again!


Back to the gym with you Mr H!


The new Cake Artistry address is now in Quainton, Buckinghamshire but contact details remain the same. Please do stay in touch.