It's all about me

Setting up a business creating cakes by design came about after spending many years in unfulfilling jobs. Sherry found herself working as a marketing assistant in a very beige office, where even the plants were on a bid to starve themselves to death as an easy escape. Crying on the way to work became more of a life choice than an odd occurrence, so she took the bull by the horns and finally decided to retrain to embark upon a career that would be a little more satisfying than sorting paperclips.

And thus it was decided that designer cakes would be the way forward! After embarking on her first course it seemed the Gods were obviously smiling down on Sherry, as it turned out she could bake like a 1950’s housewife and decorate cakes like an alchemist!

After training to master the art of sugarcraft, Sherry started her first artisan cake business on a part time basis. Before long the order board got so full that she could eventually afford to quit her office job and as a leaving gift was presented with a beige mixing bowl. It is now the only beige thing that resides in her kitchen.

Nearly ten years later, Sherry has made loads of amazing cakes for some really amazing people. Some have been a little more famous than others, but ALL of them have been amazing in their own way. She is a project designer for both Cakes & Sugarcraft Magazine and Cake Decoration Heaven Magazine. She has also been featured in numerous leading industry magazines such as Hello!, Conde Nast Brides, Wedding, and Wedding Cakes.

Sherry is the preferred supplier to many prestigious venues including Danesfield House, Luton Hoo, Burnham Beeches, The DeVere Group, Shendish Manor, The Dairy Waddesdon, The Five Arrows Waddesdon, Stoke Place, St Michael’s Manor and Micklefield Hall.

Sherry is a truly skilled designer with lots of highly recognised industry awards under her belt, including Gold Standard from both Squires Kitchen and Cake International, and her passion and creativity are the true ingredients that bring your ideas to life.

Anyway, enough about me….

Sherry Hostler
Sherry Hostler

It's all about you

Yes, it really is! Every cakey masterpiece that I create is completely and utterly for YOU!

No rip offs, no copycats, and no designs that have been rehashed hundreds of times. I would much rather make your cake into a real personal centre piece that reflects your personality and passion, and have your family and friends in awe.

Call me nosey, but I love to hear your stories. It’s great to hear about how my brides and grooms met, and how romantic (or not) the proposal was; and it’s always a joy to hear the excitement in someone’s voice when they tell me about an idea for a birthday cake that will make their loved one the happiest they have ever seen them.

The more that I get to hear about you then the better your cake design will be. After all, why would I just want to meet your expectations, when I can try to exceed them.



Sherry’s cakes have appeared in Brides Magazine, Wedding Magazine, Wedding Cakes Magazine,Your Berks, Bucks & Oxon Magazine, Wedding & Wedding Flowers Magazine, and Hello! Magazine amongst others. Her cakes have also appeared on blogs including Ice The Cake, and Sparkle Pearls and Lace. Sherry is a regular project designer for Cakes & Sugarcraft Magazine and Cake Decoration Heaven, and has also written regular editorial pieces for Cake Craft & Decoration Magazine and columns for newspaper releases.

She has been interviewed live on air for BBCR3C

If you would like to feature my work or collaborate on a project,
please do get in touch at info@sherryhostlercakeartistry.com

Thank you Sherry for creating such a beautiful wedding cake for us to match our perfect day. It was all we had hoped for.

Jane & Dave Tydeman

Top cake action!

Simon Mayo (BBC Radio 2 DJ)

Just a note to say thank you so much for the fantastic cake. It really was a showstopper and perfect for The Crazy Bear.

Lyn Fear

The style, wit and flair you used to create Rose’s cake was simply wonderful. Needless to say the inside tasted as delicious as the outside looked. A mouthwatering, sumptuous delight of naughtiness.

Adrian Scarborough (Television and Film Actor)

I love it!!!

Dita Von Teese (Burlesque Artist)

I just wanted to let you know what a sensation your cake caused at the birthday celebration. It went down an absolute treat…so much so that I’m not sure the boys wanted to cut into it. Thank you so much for taking on the challenge and doing it to a superb standard. I don't think anyone had seen anything like it. Many grateful thanks, and I will certainly be singing your praises to all and sundry.

Maggie Smart


And Skills

Sherry has won numerous industry awards for both her wedding and celebration cake designs and is a long standing member of the British Sugarcraft Guild.

Squires Kitchen 24th Annual Exhibition 2010

1st Prize and Gold Award

Cake International 2012

Gold Award

Cake International 2010

Silver Award

Squires Kitchen 27th Annual Exhibition 2013

2nd Prize and Silver Award

Squires Kitchen 25th Annual Exhibition 2011

Bronze Award

Cake International 2013

Gold Award

Cake International 2011

Bronze Award